Here It Is: The Ultimate List Of Best Dog Food For Small Dogs In 2018

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If you are a dog owner and you are not sure what dog food for your small dog is the best, keep on reading and find everything you need to know.

The information shared here will hopefully shed some light on different questions you might have about different dog food types and which type of food to buy. This is an important topic, especially when the time comes for your tiny, furry friend to settle on one type of food.

Please note: it is highly recommended that you avoid frequently changing food type for your dog. Constantly changing food might cause serious issues such as diarrhea, vomiting and/or anal glands infection which may cause your dog’s overall health to deteriorate.

Most of the reputable veterinarians agree – small breeds are usually a lot less resistant in general and have much harder time fighting pests off as well as other illnesses. Fighting pests off is harder for long haired dogs in general. Some of the harmful factors are parasites, ticks and stomach worms, which all may hinder your pet’s health. That is why it is important to feed your pet dog with high quality food and take care of your dog’s grooming. Quality dog food intake is one of the largest factors responsible for building and maintaining your pet’s resistances and stomach flora.

Dog food without added artificial colors, conservatives and high in protein is considered a quality dog food, however before choosing the right type of food for your small breed dog, it is best to consult your vet. If your dog is active you might want to choose high-protein food source or if you need to bring its weight down, you might consider lower rations of high quality food.

On the other hand, feeding your dog with the wrong type of food can have devastating consequences. If your pet’s diet is not regulated properly, you might be doomed to buy specialized, medicine food which can take out hundreds of dollars from your monthly budget. So, with that in mind, I’ll cover here only the best, quality nutritions which will keep your lovely pet in good health for years to come.

When it comes to your small dog’s food, be more picky. Yes, in order to get the best possible nutrients for your little, furry pal, you will have to be extra cautious. Depending on large variety of factors – many of which we will cover here; certain types of food might be better than others for your small breed dog. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the higher priced product doesn’t necessarily mean better food for your dog. In most cases it’s all about finding the perfect balance for what kind of nutrients your dog needs and the affordable price tag.


Merrick Grain Free Small Breed Recipe

Merrick Grain Free Small Breed Recipe Review - Paradizoo Top Pick
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Different Types Of Dog Food

There are several types of dog food available for your dog:

  • Dry
  • Canned
  • Dehydrated
  • Food Toppers
  • Pouches
  • Wet
  • Dehydrated/Frozen
  • Frozen

We can distinguish two main types of dog food: dry food and wet food. Each food brings its advantages and disadvantages. Also, when it comes for your small dog it’s best to choose a food type that he/she can easily digest. This usually means smaller bits for smaller dogs. In the case of dry food; one of the most commonly told fact is that choosing dry food for your dog will make the poop smell less. But is it true and how does the dry food actually affects your pet?

Dry Dog Food For Small Dogs

Dry Dog Food For Small Dogs
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Dry dog food might make your dog’s poop smell less, that might be true, however it will also make your dog dehydrated, so be sure to keep his water bowl full at all times.

Advantages of dry dog food for small dogs:

  • doesn’t spoil as easily as wet food
  • dog poop is more compact so it’s easier to clean
  • your dog might smell better (skin, hair and poop)
  • if properly sealed will stay fresh for longer
  • when travelling – easier to transport than canned wet food
  • in some cases costs a lot less than wet dog food

Disadvantages of dry dog food for small dogs:

  • your dog will require more water to keep hydrated
  • may be harder to digest
  • if your dog has medical issues it’s harder to mix with the drug
  • if your dog has trouble swallowing, chewing or digesting dry food, you might consider buying wet food

We’ve learned about different types of food, now we can easily see which dog bowl is the best. You can read our article about Dog Bowls HERE.

Here are our picks when it comes to top 3, quality dry dog food for small dogs:

1. Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula Review

This dry food pack comes in three distinct flavors: Bison & Venison, Lamb and Salmon. The packaging itself is available in three sizes: 5-Pound, 15-Pound and 30-Pound.

Taste of the wild product review
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Great thing about Taste Of The Wild food is that its formula is grain-free. Also, it’s easily digestible which makes it perfect for bringing your dog fast and much needed energy, especially for more active dogs. Altho I didn’t try to eat it myself (hehe), it is claimed that it has a spectacular taste for your small dogs taste buds as it is made with real roasted meat. Added supplements like vegetables and fruits will give your dog a healthy dose of antioxidants. Go for this type of food if you want quality meal for your dog. It is highly recommended for any small breed as it is easily digestible.

2. BLUE Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food Review

Blue Life Protection Formula comes in many different flavours. This is ideal for dog owners that can’t seem to find good flavors which appeal to their dogs. Here are the flavors available for small dog breeds: Small Breed Fish & Brown Rice Recipe, Small Breed Healthy Weight Chicken, Small Breed Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe and Small Bite Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe.

BLUE Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food (small dogs) Review
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Altho they do offer additional types of food, they are not optimal for small breed dogs. This is exactly why we didn’t list them here. The small breed food we portrayed here is the best food in our opinion and something worth your attention.

Blue Life’s dog food for small dogs comes in 2 pack sizes: the 6 lb one and 15 lb. If you own a small dog, this will be enough for his (or hers) meals for quite some time. For dog owners that want to have a larger stash of dog food, we recommend choosing bigger 15 lb pack.


3. Merrick Grain Free Small Breed Recipe Review

Merrick Grain Free Small Breed Recipe Dog Food is not only all natural, grain-free dog food specifically designed for small dogs, it is also our Top Pick when it comes to dog food for small dogs.

What stands out with Merrick’s dog food is that they substantially documented how the ingredients are chosen, where they come from and how it is made. My extensive research has shown that Merrick company placed a lot of effort in choosing ingredients and designing their food in order to provide the perfect dog food blend for small dogs.

Most of the other brands lack the extensive documentation which suggest to me that they are not putting enough care in what goes into our little friend’s food. This fact alone got me to take a closer look and ultimately choose this specific brand for our family dog – Nelly.

Merrick Grain Free Small Breed Recipe Review - Paradizoo Top Pick
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Before we bought Merrick Grain Free Small Breed Recipe we tried offering Nelly a great deal of other types of dog food. She liked some and disliked others, however after constantly changing her food it made her ill and we had to took her to the vet.

Vet gave her a couple of shots and instructed us that we need to find her a better source of quality food and suggested that we try out grain free dry dog food, which we did. After several hours of browsing the web, we found this specific food to be the perfect dog food and we gave it a shot. I must say – we’ve never looked back ever since we bought it.

Days after giving Nelly Merrick’s food, she started feeling better and most of the issues with her health were diminished or gone completely. Her appetite also improved. This was a year ago and to this day she has grown up into a strong, playful and beautiful, young lady.

Wet Dog Food For Small Dogs

Wet Dog Food
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Wet dog food is a type of food that usually comes in cans. Usually the main disadvantage of wet dog food is that once opened it will get spoiled really fast if not kept in a dark and cold place. However there are some great advantages of wet dog food as well. So let’s list main advantages and disadvantages of wet dog food and see how well do they fare, shall we?

Advantages of wet dog food:

  • easily digestible
  • will keep your dog hydrated
  • easy to mix in the drugs
  • most dog breeds actually prefer it
  • has stronger smell so it attracts dogs to the food bowl – this is handy if you want to change your dog’s usual feeding spot

Disadvantages of wet dog food:

  • usually comes in bulky cans which are harder to pack while traveling
  • once opened it is harder to keep it from spoiling
  • harder to clean than dry dog food
  • in some cases it may make your dog smell much worse
  • for long haired dogs – it will usually stick around their mouths once it dries

1. CESAR Classics Poultry Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays Review

CESAR Classics Poultry Flavored Adult Wet Dog Food Trays
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Cesar’s Classics food for adult dogs comes in 24 portion of 100 grams and 4 different flavours pack. One package will be enough for roughly 12 days depending on your dog’s appetite. What’s so great about this food is that it comes really fresh and all of the ingredients are specifically picked to cater to small breeds taste buds. Self-serving portions are great for new dog owners, especially if they are not sure what portions to feed their lovely pet. Your furry little friend will enjoy this food immensely! In addition you can forget about worrying how much food your dog needs to avoid malnourishment or if you worry about over-feeding him. Just pop open one of these babies and you are set to go.

What do we think about this food? Well, it’s amazing in a sense that you can choose not one but four different taste. Because it comes from reputable manufacturer of wet dog food we are certain this food is one of the best on the market. We’ve tried it and our dog just adored it.

As all of the food types we’ve reviewed in this article; Cesar’s Classics food for adult dogs is filled with much needed minerals and vitamins. All of the Cesar’s food ingredients are delicately chosen and processed. Even if your dog friend is a bit older it is easily digested and you can easily mix in the drugs prescribed by a vet (if needed). Features like this make it a clear winner when it comes to wet dog food for small dogs.

2. Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ground Wet Dog Food Review

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ground Wet Dog Food Review
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When reviewing any type of food we’ve taken into an account it’s manufacturer as well as food production and care given throughout the manufacturing process. As you may know Purina is well established in dog food business and recognized by many proud dog owners as number one pick. Although our Nelly didn’t find this specific dog food as appealing as others, many of our friends did actually bought this food and we witnessed a huge improvement in their eating habits.

We couldn’t ignore other beneficial factors Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free food provides: it is grain-free, it doesn’t contain soy or wheat. Also it comes in a 6-pack of 13 OZ cans which makes it a best buy in terms of price and quality.

3. Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Stew Variety Pack Wet Dog Food Review

Another great choice for feeding adult small breed dog or a puppy with high quality wet, dog food is Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Stew Variety Pack Wet Dog Food. This product is amazing as it comes in several varieties and mid-sized chunks. Purina’s Chunks are easily chewed down and swallowed by small dog breeds as well as big dogs.

Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Stew Variety Pack Wet Dog Food Review
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This wet dog food does not contain artificial preservatives, colors or flavors which makes it one of the healthiest dog foods on the market. All ingredients used in this wet dog food are real and come from regulated origin. 6 distinct flavours are ideal to keep your dog’s health regulated and food varied. Total weight of one pack is 1,7 kg which is ideal for 12-15 days if you are serving the portions to your small breed dog. For larger dogs this pack might be somewhat insufficient and we recommend buying a larger pack of 12 meals.

Now that we’ve covered the food part, you might be interested in checking out our Dog Bowls section and see how to choose the best dog bowl.

Hope you found our guide beneficial and informative. For any information, concerns, praises or disapprovals you can check out Contact us page and let us know. We are glad to hear from pet owners from all around the world.

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